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How It Works

If you need money quickly for any reason we want to help. We accept requests from various credit types, so if your credit is bad, don’t let that stop you from contacting us. We are here to help!

  • The first step to getting your cash advance loan is to go to the online page at Solid Cash Advance Loans and send in your request.
  • Our staff will be fast to forward your loan request to a special group of online lenders, who might accept your inquiry.
  • After the lenders review your request and make a fast credit decision, it’s possible you will quickly receive an offer you can sign. You’re not obligated to sign anything, so read it through thoroughly first.
  • After signing the offer for a cash advance loan, you can sign the offer and return it to your lender. That gives the lender the “green light” to go ahead and get your money ready for you.

More Information About Our Service

When you get an offer, it’s important that you understand the fine details. You should know how much you’re getting, how much it will cost and how you’ll repay it. It’s important that you make an informed decision.

Various Credit Ratings

We don’t want your bad credit score to be a factor in contacting us. The lenders we share your inquiry form with have flexible guidelines regarding credit types.

Fast Inquiry Form

There’s no need to make appointments, take your place in lines, get stuck on hold or fill out stacks of forms just to get an advance loan. Use our simple and fast inquiry form and be done with it!

Keeping it Safe

We help safeguard your online request form by applying SSL technology. We are proactive about keeping you safe!

Bad Credit Score but Need Money Now?

We have lenders who have flexible policies regarding your credit rating, so whatever your credit score is you should feel free to send us your inquiry form. It won’t take but a few minutes, so you can do it now and then get back to whatever else you have on your To-Do list. We’ll take over from there, by sending out your urgent request to an extensive list of reputable lenders. This gives several lenders a chance to review your request all at the same time. When one of them accepts your request, they will reach out to you with an initial loan offer.

When you hear back from a lender with an offer attached, it’s an option for you to sign it. It is not mandatory. But if you feel like it would be good for you, then sign and return. The lender will finish up the final details of your cash advance and let you know how to get the money. Go get the cash and then spend it according to your financial priorities.

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